Exceptional Horizons Incorporated is a company started by educator Tia Parham.  
Mrs. Parham has over 10 years of educational experience working with students
with disabilities inside and outside of the school district.  Mrs.Parham began her
career in 1998 as a teacher's aide in a special education facility in NY. She then
relocated to Georgia where she worked full-time as a teacher's aide in a lotto Per-k
program and completed a bachelor's degree in special education.  Mrs. Parham
continued her pursuit of higher education by obtaining a master's in special
education from Georgia State University.  Mrs. Parham  spent 14 years working in
the field of special education in numerous metro Atlanta counties.

Our Goals:
We strive to:

  • Provide instructional strategies families can use in multiple environments.
  • Provide quality advocacy for parents who are having difficulties with local
    school districts
  • Empower parents to be their child's advocate.
  • Be a resource for parents with children with disabilities.

Our Service Area
We are currently serving metro Atlanta.
About Us