Welcome!  We are an organization dedicated to the education of children with
and without special needs.  We offer a variety of in-home  services designed to
help your child reach his/her greatest potential.  Please take a moment to review
some of our great services.  We provide in-home services in the following areas:

Tutoring ( grades pre-k through first)
Discrete Trial Instruction  (DTI) based on
applied behavior analysis (ABA) techniques
Speech and Language Training
Advocacy (please note we are not attorneys
but our knowledge of special education law
combined with years of teaching experience
make us a vital part of your child's
Individualized Education Program (IEP)
Behavioral Therapy

For more information, please feel free to
contact us.
Exceptional Horizons
Changing Lives One Child At A Time
Exceptional Horizons is dedicated to
helping families help their children reach
their full potential.
Do you feel your child isn't working to
his/her fullest potential?  Are you having
difficulty communicating with your child
with special needs?  Is your child's
behavior out of control?  Do you need
support at your child's IEP meeting?  If
this is you, why not give Exceptional
Horizons a call!
Help Us Build A School
Exceptional Horizons is branching out!
We are looking to create a school. We
would like to have head start programs,
lotto pre-k programs and special needs
preschool programs.
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