Services We Provide
This service is designed for grades pre-k through first.  It focuses on study skills,
teaching organizational skills, and help with common core standards.

This service focuses on record review of IEP's,and if need be, accompanying parents
to IEP meetings.  We will identify strategies and areas that can be improved in your
child's program and make recommendations based on these strategies, special
education law, and your child's individual strengths and weaknesses. (This service is
not available in Cobb County)

Discrete Trial Instruction
This service consists of a series of distinct repeated lessons or trials taught
one-to-one. Each trial consists of an antecedent which is a request for the individual to
perform an action, a behavior or a response from the child and a consequence based
upon the response of the child.

Behavioral Therapy
This service is designed to decrease problem behaviors in the home environment
using positive behavioral supports, an understanding of child development, and
behavior modification technique.

Speech and Language Training
This service will teach students who are not currently speaking, alternative means of
communicating through picture symbols.  We also provide programming and training
on high tech augmentative technology devices.

Looking for advice from knowledgeable educators on strategies to help your child on
goals and common core standards?  Have questions about your child's IEP?  You
don't agree with the IEP, now what?  Give us a call ! We are always happy to help.  The
first 15 minutes are free for first time callers.

We accept cash, credit, and paypal for all services