16 January 07

To Whom It May Concern:

This is a letter of recommendation for Miss Tia James.

She was my son's Special Needs Per-k teacher for the school years 2004 - 2005
and 2005 - 2006.

She is a wonderful teacher and cares very much for her "babies." She is as
deeply committed to teaching them what it takes to become independent and
responsible for their actions, as she is teaching them the basics like letters,
numbers and colors.

Because of having her for the two previous years, Thoren graduated to
kindergarten well ahead of the children coming into the class.

We absolutely love her and miss her and my only regret is that she was not able
to be Thoren's teacher until he graduates from high school. It was quite a loss for
Paulding County and the Pre-K children when they lost her as a teacher.


Shannon L., Parent

01 March 07

To Whom It May Concern,

I have worked with Tia James during the 2006/2007 school year. I have worked
number of teachers and have learned a great deal about what makes a great

I has been my pleasure to work with Tia James and watch the immense progress
of the students in her classroom.  She has an approach to teaching I highly
respect as parent with a child with special needs myself.  I have watch students in
her classroom meet and exceed every expectation Ms. James has for them.

I would highly recommend Ms. James for any position within a school or
business.  She is a much needed assist in the home/work environment.


Susan  T.  Cobb County Substitute Teacher

To Whom It May Concern:

The Teacher of the Year should be an exemplary educator who demonstrates
professionalism, leadership and an outstanding and measurable commitment to
student achievement and the teaching profession. Ms. Tia James is an
exceptional teacher who represents what we all wish for in our children-
excellence and an abiding desire to learn. Ms. James has an exceptional ability to
communicate her expectations in a welcoming and thoughtful manner. She is an
outstanding spokesperson for the teaching profession, someone whom teachers,
parents, administrators and the general public will recognize as representing the
very best in the world of education.

Take a walk into Ms. James classroom and you will be impressed with what she
is doing with her special needs preschool class. Ms. James sets high
expectations for each and every one of her students regardless of their disability.
The energy and enthusiasm that Tia James brings to her classroom set a fine
example for educators across our state. Ms. James devotion to her students and
to improving our public school system is helping to ensure that special needs
Pre-School children in Paulding County receive a first rate education. Teachers
play a vital role in the development of our children, and the passion they have for
what they teach can make a difference by sparking a student's interest and
fostering a lifelong love of learning. Ms. Tia's love and dedication to her students
are qualities to be admired.

Ms. Tia's dedication doesn't end with her students. She is the most accessible
teacher you will ever meet. She is never too busy for parents. I can literally call her
anytime of the day and she will take the time to answer all of my questions about
my son and his education. In the teaching world I am what is considered to be a
"high maintenance parent". To Ms. Tia, I'm simple a parent who loves and wants
the best for their child. Ms. Tia has done things like stay after school with my child,
not only because my son needed her, but because she knew it would help to put
my mind at ease knowing she was there while I was stuck at work. Little things
like that mean a lot to a parent of a 3 year old with Autism.

On top of her dedication to her students and parents, Ms. Tia is also committed to
her own professional development. Ms. Tia manages to take graduate courses at
night and still be full of energy for her little students in the morning.  


Nicole P., Parent
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